First Place: Lina Wang, St. Cloud State University, “Fathead Minnow Diaries: How a Multi-Generational Exposure to an Urban Contaminant of Emerging Concern Mixture Impacted Apical Endpoints”

Honorable Mention: Jon Doering, University of Saskatchewan, “In Vitro Function of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Predicts In Vivo Sensitivity of Oviparous Vertebrates to Dioxin-like Compounds”


First Place: Amanda Stenzel, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, “Does Triclosan Disrupt the Thyroid Hormone Axis in Zebrafish?”

Honorable Mention: Hannah Link, University of St. Thomas, “Novel Assessment of the Toxicity of Natural Water Impacted by Petroleum Hydrocarbons at the National Crude Oil Biodegradation and Natural Attenuation Research Site Near Bemidji, MN, USA”